dealstop gear's "the stig" projector alarm clock w…


Some say it has no understanding of the word "if," and that its knees bend three ways. All we know is... it's called the Stig Clock!


just to be clear, there is a (much inferior) US version of Top Gear now, and they have a Stig too.

Don't get me wrong, had the UK version never existed, the US version is a good show... but the Clarkson/Hammond/Captain Slow trio are priceless.


@crackkitty: There is also an Australian Top Gear series, too, and they have their own Stig as well.

Though that one comes packed upside down in a crate, and some say that he can tell the difference between a koala and a drop bear from a hundred yards, and that he waltzed with Matilda, but left her when England beat Australia at football, again.


Ah Stig jokes.. they're like Chuck Norris/Mr T/Pen and Teller jokes, only turned sideways and tossed with a light vinagrette.

Some people tell time by the sun. Others tell time with the clock on the wall. He has a wristwatch with 'Time To Be The Stig' written on it in Sharpie.


@crackkitty: as long as I can watch both I'm not gonna complain. While the US version is not as good it is still more Top Gear and that is a good thing :)


@reeceisna: anything is better than the car show. i thought TG:US was leaps and bounds better in the second season. Remember that TG:UK took at least 3 or 4 seasons until it got good. It took most of 2 seasons before the current lineup was even set.


Some Say he sucks the moisture out of ducks and he once punched a horse to the ground... all we know is he called The Stig!