dealsmulti-year magazine sale, starting for $10.00…


Anyone know if this is legit? It seems like a really good deal.


I have bought magazines from them before with no problems. Publishers sometimes allow very deep discounts to get more readers and to thus up ad revenue. Of course, the selection is limited. They will send you many "offers" in the future, but you can opt out of the emails if you wish and they will honor it...

One thing to keep in mind. many magazines have fine print in their subscription agreements that says if you fail to cancel, you will be automatically renewed at the normal rate. The problem with this is that the normal rate is usually the inflated MSRP with no discount. No reason to not subscribe, but be sure to track your expiration date to be sure. If you cancel, they will almost always offer you a deep discount to keep you...


My experience with them has been good, too.


@tradergeorge: Thanks for the information. I have a prepaid card I received as a gift, so maybe I'll use that to buy it so I don't have to worry about getting charged in the future. I always unsubscribe to chain emails, so that's not a problem.

EDIT: I just noticed that the text above says no auto-renew. That's a nice feature.


I was looking around on there and PC gamer is actually more expensive than it is directly from the company. That's just strange to me.


Not strange to me. That site has across the board prices to simplify things. At times, publishers will discount even deeper. I have found "Wired" for free several times a year. If you are willing to research each magazine, you might find better deals, but sometimes it is just not worth the time.