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Deal breaker. I don't appreciate being forced to use Paypal. Since I don't use it regulaly it is an unnessary extra step to load it for a minor purchase.


@kennthomas That's why you link bank or credit card and have them charge it. Not extra steps and your financial info can't be grabbed.

Only issue with my bank is they limit the number of ACH transfers out they do for free so I got charged a fee during a buying spree.


@kennthomas: You don't have to have a Paypal account to purchase. Rather than log into Paypal you you click don't have a Paypal account and enter your credit card information.


@kennthomas: hahahaha. OMG! That's SUCH a HASSLE! God forbid you've had to do something extra to get a good deal. Those extra steps! Such a deal breaker! Probably takes up as much time as it does to complain unnecessarily about something just so you where able to get on the internet and complain to make yourself feel better about life!