dealsdave & buster's - buy $20 of game play get $20…


First time using a deal here at woot. and i am pretty happy with this one. Gonna take a Date here now.


Most D&B locations give you 1/2-price games on Wednesdays. But other offers like this coupon aren't valid those days.


I think I'd rather have a "buy $20 of food and get $20 of food free" coupon. I mean, this is a restaurant, right? (There aren't any of these near me, so I've never been to one.) I went to their website, but it just seems to be screaming at me about games. Oh, and cocktails. So I'm guessing these aren't games for kids?


@ cleverett the games are all kid friendly and what not, and you can actually get kid prizes, but last time i went i walked away with an ashtray and shot glasses, lol. but, ya its just a bunch of adults getting sloppy and playing arcade games, kids would just slow you down!


@cleverett: It's a Chucky Cheese for adults after dark


@lokeyslave: The best thing to do is stop by on anything but a Wednesday and use the coupon to get the $40 of games for $20, then go back on a Wednesday for half price games. Then its like getting $80 of games for $20! It might be a little inconvenient to go twice but I'm pretty sure that once you buy it, the credit never expires.

Also, if you join their email club, they send you an offer like this about once every other month or so.


These coupons are always available. Not really a 'special deal'


Also - half price games on wednesday!

So using this deal on a wednesday night...$80 worth of games for $20!


I love me some Dave & Busters, but there are none ANYWHERE near me! Dang! Good deal for those of you who have one. Enjoy!


Food poisoning not included.


Any yet these places still make a killing....Note to self...Open video arcade


@nmumark: It appears DnB became better than GameWorks ... even though GameWorks had better games at one time and offered a freakin' awesome $20 2 or 3 hr unlimited play...sigh things are changing.