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PLEASE do not use this. I don't care how real it looks. It won't look like all the other rocks (if you have any) in your yard. If if feels real, it will be easy to pick out because it will be the only rock that jingles when you shake it. ...
OR ... You could buy 100 of them, fill 99 of them with old keys, and one of them with the right key. Then they will look, feel & jingle the same as all the other rocks in your garden. Although you might have trouble finding you house key because of the 99 decoys. But potential burglars will have the same problem. In that case, the burglar would probably just throw one of the decoy rocks through a window and enter that way.


Just create an area/bed of rocks and put this one in it. Away from the house. After time (years), it gets nice and weathered.


We had one of these. The one time it was needed, fire ants had built a mound around it. Called a locksmith.


@matkyne: Or you could wrap the key in a paper towel so it doesn't jingle.


This will work to keep your key nice and dry if you bury the rock in your garden :-)


A geologist came to my door.
Saw the rock, and noticed it with a keen eye.
Shortly after, my house was robbed.
Latter, that geologist went out and celebrated with a different type of rock.
I don't really think he was a geologist.


Looks like a metamorphic rock. Don't know who has those lying around.


Or get a keyless entry system. They have them both for the garage door and front door. Just make sure you wipe off the keys once a year, so your coded keys aren't the only ones clean. :-)

But still a good deal here. Gets my upvote.


We bought one of these and have it in our front yard. Inside is a piece of cat poo.


Youre better off just hiding your key under a real rock or some other object.


I used to live in a condo with a detached garage. I put a key to the garage under the door mat and a key to the door hidden in the garage. It worked out well and gave me lots of time to feel stupid for locking myself out when I had to walk back and forth and up and down the three flights of stairs between my garage and the door. I only had to use it once before I moved.

@havocsback: I bought one of those once and they look a lot more normal than most of the fake rocks I've seen. I haven't installed yet and now that you mention it, I'm not sure I even know where it is...