deals1.75l of stoli vodka at jordan wine & spirits…


I'm not a big fan of sites that require my date of birth, zip code, and email address before I can shop there.
I get why an online liquor store may want some of the info, but it still chafes.
Thank you, no.


Hey @sstaylor - we only ask for that information because it helps us put the best liquor deals at local liquor stores that are relevant to you, and it's state law & socially responsible that we verify a visitors age. We aren't actually an online liquor store - we're a online deal site that supports local businesses and save local liquor consumers money. Thanks, and if you want to learn more about it without having to enter your info you can watch this video that was on cnn & nbc:


$24 at my local costco today.

And I've never seen these retail for $40, typically $35 around here.


That's a great deal @kamikazeken Prices for Stoli Vodka 1.75L vary from $35 - $44 throughout the Twin Cities on average, depending upon location & store volume.

We are passionate about supporting local Minnesota Liquor Stores & consumers, so all the deals you see for Liquor Stores on Cliquor Store are local businesses only.


you may want to make a note that this is a very regional deal. Typically deals.woot targets a national & international audience. 99% of the people viewing this post are not eligible to participate.


Great suggestion - we'll be sure to incorporate that. We are also expanding into 5 more states in the coming months as well as offering rebates to people across the country with Cliquor Rebates. Thanks again @ckamikazeken