dealsit luggage worlds lightest 22” carry-on for $49…


Bought this from Costco. It is very light, but not at all durable. If you travel infrequently this might be a good choice, but if you're a heavy traveler look at travel pro, tumi or costco's own Kirkland brand as they are near indestructible.


I love this bag. It is used for carry-on so I find it very durable. It is super lightweight and holds a ton. Packs with ease. I would recommend.


By all means, if you are buying a small piece to check, go with the Costco Kirkland version. They are nearly indestructible. But they weigh up to 11 pounds empty. If you are looking for a carry-on bag, that won't get thrown around by baggage handlers, and fly an airline limiting your packed carry on to 18 pounds, this is the bag you want. This one will give you twice the weight of what you need to keep with you, and still roll, even with your backpack or briefcase attached.