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Ouch! 3 stars on 42 reviews.

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It's a frakken $30 sprayer.
Doing a Mona Lisa you'll be not.
It's great for the inside of a garage.
If you do the outside, have an assistant with a roller behind you to flatten things out.

I have one.
I did the inside of my garage. The first coat- primer- on tar paper was sprayed kinda close. The second coat (of white latex) was medium close- tho not covered enough. The third coat I backed up a bit, finished the cover, and got a tiny bit of texture. No rolling at all, and it looked good at the 10 foot level..
I then did the outside- stucco. Primer, two coats of just wet latex, then the third coat was rolled behind me. Again, OK from the 10 foot mark.
YMMV. MAYbe if I was going to do the whole house, garage etc I'd paid for a $$ airless, but this was great for me.

BTW, if you're even thinking of doing a fence or a gate, make a tarp wall, both sides, behind it as well as a tarp floor.


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