dealsdune dvd (david lynch) for $1.87


denalynn2001 keeps pace with the storm!

Again, it is the legend.


Almost cheap enough to make you overlook the huge downside: It's the movie version of "Dune."


Could be could be the miniseries.


Hard to beat the book, but this and the 6 part series were at least a start. Need a 24 hour movie. That will get you past the introduction.


@dodred: This movie feels like it's 24 hours long.


You're overlooking the three reasons for owning this movie: David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan, and Sting. Yes it sucks. Yes Sting can't act. But still, it's a David Lynch movie with Kyle MacLachlan (before Twin Peaks) and Sting. You therefore must own it. It's just one of those rules. If you're going to buy a crappy movie because it's a requirement, you might as well get it cheap.


Besides, at $1.87 for 137 minutes, it's only 1.36496350364964 cents per minute!


I'm surprised that nobody mentioned it also includes Patrick Stuart before Star Trek


I am still owed a refund from when I saw this in the theater!


The inane dialog, the absurd costumes, the cheesy special effects, the god-awful score. Their's just so much wrong wih this movie, it's hard to decide which of them is the wost. Oh, wait, I forgot the hair.


just watched My idiot brother and the part they mention dune had me lol.....FAAATHER


@joshthegeek: Let's not forget Max Von Sydow and Patrick Stewart!


It's not the extended version!
It's cheaper than renting it on amazon, but it's not the extended version. If I'm going to do this to myself I must do it right.

"The result is one of the most brilliant failures in motion picture history." from the details section.


Wow ...I'm blown away by these comments, because DUNE is one of my all-time favorite miniseries movies! Maybe that makes me weird on some level, but I proudly admit to loving the extended version. I do, however, agree that the abbreviated version of DUNE (offered here) isn't worth buying even for $1.87.


must own original, not like that second one they made , more flash, less story


I made the mistake of taking a "first date" to this dog. Do I need add it was the last date? I demand TWO refunds!


Horrible movie. Strays so far from the book that it should have been named something else.


All the storage capacity of the blu ray and it fails to have the extended version as an option? I'm saddened. No wonder they're trying to liquidate it.


@ BJtech - this is not the miniseries - this is the theatrical movie that was released ion 1984.


@ hpph: uh, this is the DVD, not the BluRay.


Stopped by a pawn shop today and they had all their dvd's for $2.
They had several copies of Dune along with lots of other good movies.
Not sure pricing other places, but a thought for those looking for cheap movies that may not be new releases.


@crcketdave: You're thinking of Jumper.

My thought after reading Jumper: "Great book! Hope they make a movie of it someday!"

My thought after watching Jumper: "Great book! Hope they make a movie of it someday!"


Cha! I liked it. Not as good as Eraserhead or Blue Velvet....but I still liked it.


Such a great book, such a bad movie -- Hollywood, please remake this!


@fuzzypeaches: Ha! Another Lynch fan.

Dont forget Elephant Man (just before Dune) and I really loved The Straight Story... many dont even realize that it is a Lynch flick! The sound track is amazing, imho, very Eno...