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So upon trying to purchase just the item described here, a message popped up saying...

"Please note that that there is an order minimum of $6.99 to purchase the promotional item in your shopping cart."

Of course this comes up after I registered for the site... Unless you plan on buying more than just the item described, don't bother.


Just in time for Valentines Day!


So, I have to buy more than one item AND register for their site?
I do believe Valentine's Day is 351 days from now!


The remarks above are WRONG! This website works just as it says with just the promo item listed if you want.

The other shoppers must be doing something wrong... I just added it to my cart, went to pay, created an account and it cost just $4.99. But I also found some other items including the Ruccini Sandal Pendant for $9.99 which I missed when it was on Daily Steals in October so I'm going back to buy...


i just tried and got all the way to the last confirmation just before buying it. it let me just add the 1 pendant shown here and my total showed $4.99

here's a screenshot:
i checked out as a guest without creating an account, and didn't use paypal either just credit card


Works fine for me too! Score!


@cindihoward: Hmm strange, I tried this deal within 30 minutes of its posting so perhaps a change has been made since then. I'll have to try this deal again later. Thanks for having tried the deal and correcting me.


@cindihoward: So I just tried the deal again 11 hours after its posting and the deal is indeed working now with just the one item. I wish I had taken a screenshot to make myself not look like a lying idiot but too late for that I guess. The deal is working with just the one item now, just wish I could edit my previous comment.


@cowboydann: My wife and I do not celebrate Valentine's Day which means I can pick up all the leftover sale stuff and look like a considerate husband. Score for me.


@wisenekt: today you can get a bunch of marked down candy too! score for you


@w00tgurl: good luck with the candy. most stores sold out already


Anyone else see two hearts and immediately think Gallifrey? No? Just me?