dealsthe dark knight trilogy [blu-ray… for $27.96…


You can use the last one as a coaster.


@jeffjonez: Are you the same guy that posts that same joke about all the trilogies (Matrix, Spider-man, X-men, etc.)? I liked DKR.


@rayray8822: Seconded. I'm using this trilogy release as an excuse to update my older 2 movies to bluray while getting the third, for a price comparable to the third by itself


If I hadn't already bought all three individually I would have been all over this. Still a great deal! Thanks for sharing


Agree with jeffy, last one was crap.


Excellent collection. I got it for the same price in December even though I already had #1 on DVD and #2 on Bluray. #2 & #3 also have a separate "extras" disc each. The cardboard case is nicer than average, and includes a descent quality booklet insert. A good buy at less than $30 IMHO.


Just finished the discs in this set the other night.

Bane's voice in crystal clear in the blu-ray and has better articulation than some of the other characters. At times I would miss what the characters were saying and had to re-watch the scene with subtitles.

From the bonus features I'm amazed at how much time and effort was put into creating the sets and special effects that would sometimes appear only a few seconds in these films.

Among the 3 films' bonus features I would say TDK stood out as missing something. I thought fans deserved a bonus feature entitled "Remembering Heath Ledger."

If you're into the bonus features, I would recommend The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy. Even though sampler booklet for it comes with this blu-ray set, owning the book is well worth it. The writing in the book delves deeper into the making of the movies and they discuss casting as well as Heath Ledger developing his character.