dealsgrass charging station for $25.36


As a heads up : This DOES NOT come with charging cables, nor does inductive charging like a powermat.

All you're getting is a white box with fake grass, which you could make yourself with items from the dollar store.


As you might have figured out from the reviews, this IS NOT a "charging station", unless you consider a box of grass to be a charging station. I am not saying it is a fraud. They are up front about what it is. It is just that the non-careful reader might think it is more than it is, especially considering the price.


"Voila! Your gadgets will think they're on a charging vacation."

So they're on a vacation from charging? Or is it because they're laying in grass? Who lays in grass on their vacation??


Wow at least assumed it would function as a power strip or have USB plug ins. That's a lot of money for a plastic box of fake grass...


Why would you buy grass that isn't already charged? You're paying way too much per oz if it isn't pre 'charged.'


I'll sell you a bucket of leaves for $10.00, save you $15.36.


Anyone know where to get some green power cords, i think this might break my cats habit of chewing plants. Real, or plastic he eats them all. Here kitty kitty, zapp.