deals$15 for 8 charcoal infused tooth brushes – free…


I get that we, the Woot community (or at least its remnant), dislike this item or seller, but I don't know why because no one said why they were down voting. Why do we dislike this item or seller?


haha, charcoal kills bacteria.
That's funny
chew on some kingsford and save yourself the money if you beLIEve that


@jsfs:I downvoted because this charcoal toothbrush thing is at best, pseudoscience. Okay sure, people can buy what they want, but these things sound terrible and like they'd be more harm than help. I also don't see how they're a deal. Here's a site with $9 for a set of 4 ( The posted deal is only slightly better but I'm sure there's somewhere you can get them for less than $2 a brush.


@jsfs: I am guessing people are downvoting because it is a silly product from one of the thousands of possibly fishy deal sites on the internet. I haven't voted yet because I can't find any reviews on the website itself.


Careful folks your buying a "VOUCHER"

As to why I downvoted this deal. You are buying a "voucher" from one scammy looking (my opinion) website to use on an even scammer looking (again my opinion) website:

The last deal I saw from them had a "countdown timer" for the deal at the time it was posted it had less than 24 hrs left on it. This was back on Feb. 13 the timer has never run out and resets itself every week. So this deal has not expired in two months.
See here:

These deals don't end because they are not "deals" they are these sites regular prices on crappy products (not the bagged kind).


What next -- charcoal toothpaste???? charcoal mouthwash????

Wouldn't it be easier just to gnaw on some briquettes?


ACTIVATED charcoal absorbs odors and some chemicals (that's why it is in water filters), but it does not have antibacterial properties. This product is a load of bunk.


I think it would be a big mess. Inside the mouth and all over the sink.


ACTIVATED charcoal can be used to whiten teeth over time, if used once or twice a week. Dentists will tell you so, go ask. No, it does not grind your teeth down. It does, however, stain anything besides your body (clothes, sink, w/e), so be careful.. Also, it is medically relevant only in the use of absorbing poison. An emergency room will give it to you if you ingest certain poisons because it is VERY absorbent, and passable through the bowels as well. It is a real treatment for those two things, and those two things only.



They compare this to a water filtration system that uses charcoal. The filtration system traps larger debris, but DOESN'T disinfect the water. It must still be boiled, unless it's from a public water system that's already been cleaned.

This product is ridiculous.


@jsfs: Because even a third grader can tell the claims are false? That's why I downvoted.


It's definitely a silly product, and the claims are amusing, but didn't Woot use to be all about the silly products? Granted, the LeakFrog approaches an actual problem from a silly direction, and this makes questionable semi-medical claims, but would we be upset to receive one in a Bandolier of Carrots?

Although I must say I'd think more than twice about buying a voucher from a shady site.

Thanks, guys!


@aryln: Quantity matters. The description says the brushes contain "a touch" of charcoal. How much activated charcoal is required for real whitening treatments? Is there anyway to reactivate the charcoal? Even if the quantity is sufficient, the charcoal probably gets deactivated in one use (absorbs as much volatile compounds as it can).


@hamjudo: Is there any way to reactivate the charcoal? Well...yes. But effectively, the answer to your question would be no.

Perusing the rest of the article will help to explain how this is snake oil. But hey, people have bought a lot worse. If brushing your teeth with a 'touch of charcoal on each bristle' helps you sleep at night, go for it. Sure as hell better than drinking radioactive water or hydrogen peroxide. Odds are those charcoal bristles will be rubbing against mercury fillings anyway, so in the grand scheme of things this scam isn't as bad as others.