dealslodge 12"cast iron skillet (free site to store…


I already got the Woot! version for $30 and have absolutely no buyer's remorse. Thank you, Woot! for many years of awesome deals, not to mention loads of entertainment and bags of crap!


@zippy the pinhead: Oh, dont get me wrong; I wanted the woot! one, but for 15 dollars less it was impossible for me not to get this one instead. As much as I love woot!, they are supposed to be a deals site and their skillet today just isn't one.


@v3n0m91: Yes, I know. I frequently point that out when I see 'non-deals' posted here, and just as frequently get flamed by those who think their 'kewl find' is a deal at normal price plus S&H, simply by virtue of having their personal approval associated with it. But I also believe in rewarding those who provide exemplary performance, and this is just my way of expressing it, being a good little consumer and all that.......


Exactly why i didnt order the woot model. sad. I really was planning on buying one if they eere the same or cheaper than what is available elsewhere


Wonder if the Walmart one is available at the store at this price so you can just walk in and get it?


@zippy the pinhead: I'd just like to say that you are the champion of pointing out non-deals.


I would also recommend a Lodge grill pan. Very handy for those of us without grills at home (or those who don't want to bother with the prep and clean-up).


maybe Woot will be kind enough to add in a bonus $5 code to those that buy the Woot branded Skillet. Not that I would expect such a thing.

I ordered the Woot Cast Iron Skillet and while it's not a "deal" compared to non-branded skillets, I have saved enough money at Woot to fork over a few extra bucks and have something to cook all these woot monkeys on! ><

$14.71 won't make or break me. (Yes, the difference between Wal-Mart after tax and Woot's price)


Nice deal.

As fun as it would be to have the ! on the bottom, It's hard to pass this one up.

Even after tax it will still be $15 cheaper plus I can keep some tax dollars in my community. I gotta go with Walmart this time.

@jmbunkin: You can set your local store on Walmart's website and it will tell you if its in stock there.


I just ordered one and is ready to pick up. Thank you for this. I saw Amazon had one for about 23xx (no ! logo) but this one beats them both. I could careless about the logo. I love to cook - the ! would only be fun for me, no one else gets it.


@jmbunkin: When I bought this online and went to pick it up in store, the in store price was cheaper than the online price. They gave me the difference when I picked it up.


Why is this R.I.P. Woot? Available for me.