dealsfirefly: the complete series 3 discs / blu-ray…


This is not a deal. It is the regular price on Amazon...


@tradergeorge: This is not the regular price on amazon. It was 21.98 yesterday and usually is around 29.99. At the moment it is 19.99, but I am assuming they are lowering the price becaus of best buy. The two companies tend to match each others prices in an effort to compete with consumers business.


Either way, $19.99 for this great show is a deal in my book, regular price or not.


Yawn. It was also this price a few months ago. It will get cheaper.


@rantng: I subscribe to WOOT to get notifications of sale prices, not just ads. If someone is going to post a "deal" on here, they should take the extra step of ensuring it is in fact a deal and not just an ad for the regular price, trying to hook unsuspecting people into thinking it is a deal.


Does any fan of this show who wants to own it not already own it? I feel like Firefly and Serenity come up every 2 weeks.


In all fairness, the DVD comes up often. The Blu-Ray set, not so much...