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Seriously - other than the batteries for the remote or the power cable, if this thing is missing any other piece, it is frankly, a non-usable item - how about a little more detail as to WHAT might be missing from the box . . .


@gregbowman: I disagree. First off it says only "Some items, like manuals, cables or batteries may be missing from the box. " it should include the remote and stand. Even if it didn't, you could use a universal remote and a mount to overcome those not being included. The ONLY concern would be if the power cable is missing. And I bet those you could get for a couple bucks off eBay or something.

Amazon is currently listing these new for $440+. Mixed reviews though. Not sure if it's worth it because of that.


why don't you edit the headline so it shows the price there, like the other 15?


@jdpman: When the word "like" is used to describe the items that may be missing from the box, it implies that the remote and/or stand may also be missing even though it isn't explicitly stated.

Be like the third year law student, not the first year...

Fortunately, I have first-hand experience of buying a TV without a remote control and finding that universal remotes are pretty effective replacements, as long as you don't mind the way the picture is calibrated "out of the box" (figuratively speaking, of course - this is an "open box" deal, so it will arrive in A box, but not necessarily THE box)