dealsasus transformer prime 32gb quad-core android…


I bought one of these a few weeks back, very happy! Looked new. Accessories weren't included as it says, but they were cheap enough on E-bay.


The ones that cost $209 are all 4's which mean they are generally quite scratched up. They have a 5's though for just a little bit more. 10% off code should still work.


I bought one from the last time they had them as a front page deal. Im posting this from it. It was listed as a 5 condition, but looked new. It upgraded to Jelly Bean automatically the first day I had it. Im very glad I pulled the trigger on it.
The only thing I wasn't ecstatic about was having to shell another $30 for an original charger, but if you're willing to get a knockoff, they are cheap enough.


Looks like this deal is over.