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Tried to see how much shipping was, but geez. Long process, then it requires you to register before seeing total price. I'm gonna pass on this, as well as future purchases from them. Horrible website configuration.


@nerdyjustin: Thanks for being so honest about our website.
But I think you missed a couple things.

On every product page there are two clickable tabs, Info and Shipping (in red font). It's set on the Info tab for the product description. When you click on the Shipping tab, we explain everything including a link to our shipping policy.

Also, when you are ready to checkout, you have a Choice of Creating An Account on the left or Checkout as a Guest on the right. (It's a big blue button that says Continue As Guest under the heading Guest Login also in blue font)

Btw, this product is $3.75 for 1st class shipping.

You're a first for us to complain about these things. Our customers (from young adults to grandparents) have told us they find navigation and the checkout process easy.


I've got to say nerdyjustin doesn't know what he's talking about. The navigation is just like the website owner said.