dealswatchmen kindle edition for $3.99


As a comic reader, Kindle is pretty bad (compared to Comixology) but for $4 for Watchmen, I've gotta buy it. I know Amazon will continue to refine it so I'm sure it'll become a better experience in the future.

Now I'm gonna go read it on my Nook HD+ (since B&N has opened Nook tablets up to Google Play)...the irony.

Thanks, @gideonfrost.


@whitewind: So how bad is it? Amazon doesn't separate out kindle reviews and I'm concerned about what it will actually be. They don't have a preview of the kindle edition either.


ive wondered how the kindle version of comic books/graphic novels were, especially in the black and white ones


I've read several graphic novels on the Kindle Fire and they're fine. You can double tap a panel and it does a little modal popup thing. You can then swipe to go from panel to panel in perfect order, or you can view the entire page as originally intended. Seriously, as long as the graphic novel is properly formatted for the Kindle Fire, it's as good as reading the printed version in my opinion.


@bowlingb: The "autozoom" (you can manually zoom but it's hard to get good context) feature isn't very good when reading comics on Kindle. The full page view is fine & pretty much a no-brainer (you look at the whole page as it was presented in the original & rotate to look at 2-page originals). Especially if you're using a small (phone) screen to read, you most certainly will have to zoom in & when you use the zoom in reading feature, it frequently doesn't present you the proper framing of the panel you're reading as it was "intended" to be viewed/read by the artist.

If you're curious as the the "proper" way to read digital comics (converted from print comics; native digital comics will of course be displayed exactly the way they were intended), check out the Comixology app. There are tons of free (& sample) comics on both Amazon & Comixology (& other readers/publishers) where you can try out & compare reading experiences. Zooming it the primary problem I find with Kindle & comics.