dealspersonalized photo calendars for $12.00


I got a couple of photo shopping bags from these guys a couple of weeks ago and I was very satisfied with the quality of the bags and the images.


@moondrake: I wonder if they're using socks; this poster just joined on July 29.

Edit: Those little light-bulb shaped LED lights we were talking about a couple of days ago? I dug out three, which appear to be from two different manufacturers, and by pulling the entire plastic "bulb" part out of the cardboard you should be able to change the battery.


@magic cave: Cool, thanks! I did order a couple. I wondered the same thing about this poster, but since they have a colored triangle I didn't query their standing. Since I was pleased with the product I got from these guys I figured I owed them a shout-out. I got a coupon for two photo shopping bags for $15 on one of the Groupon/Living Social sites and was happily surprised to find they threw in free shipping, so the full cost of the bags was $15. I got one of my beloved Simba, to pack his things in when we go on day trips. I got another with some photos of my jewelry and my business name on it to use to haul the product around. I have over 100 necklace and earring sets in ziplock snack bags, some paperwork and three tablecloths in it and there was still room for some fruit and cookies on top when I took it to the art market this Saturday. I must have 10lbs of stuff in there and it showed no signs of trouble with the load.


@moondrake: LIke many (most?) people, I'm usually quicker to buy if someone I trust says they like what they have already purchased.

And if it's a reliable vendor, we need them around here!