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I like these.
My wife won't let me get a clapper.
With one switch over here I can turn off the power unit and surge protector over there.
That protector powers the DVR, the TV, the DVD, the stereo, and an amp.
My 8300HD DVR alone seems to use 30 - 31 watts when on, and 29 watts when it's off!
I can turn off all those parasitic energy losses with one switch.
I have one by the door that operates two unswitched lamps on the other side of the room. Let there be ...


I bought these switches a while ago, especially for a home theater/living room. I have the setup switching AV equipment and lights on/off. They are particularly good for lamps with twist knobs that are difficult to turn. The only complaint the switching units are rather large and may block both outlets, especially if you're trying to use a power adapter in the other one. Bottom line, I have been extremely happy with my purchase.


This switch looks like it could be fun and convenient...

But I like this switch better: