dealswd red 3tb 64mb cache 3.5" hdd for $134.99 + free…


paid 150 for mine 3 months ago. seems to be working well. transferred about 2 tb of media to it and it didnt crap out. so far so good.


Costco has a 4TB Seagate External for $140. Amazon also has the same deal as costco if you can find the seller when it is in stock. So this really isn't a great deal.


@mrc131: It is worth noting that this hard drive is different than the 4TB Seagate that you mention. These red hard drives are made for NAS and other more "advanced" applications. The average user would not need this drive, but if you have a RAID or other setup at home, this is a great drive.


@macoland: Agreed, the RED part sets this drive apart. People are looking at capacity, not speed of the drive. It really is a good deal.


@stnickk: It's more the reliability than the speed. The barracuda are about the same speed, sometimes faster, sometimes slower depending on what it is you're doing.


I've been running 2TB reds for a home server and these things rock. they have a lower read/write than most of your normal HDDs, but its not too big a deal. they are low power, quiet, and have been running 24x7 for a year now with no problems.


I have 5 of these in a Drobo 5N and it's been great.


Well I am in for two of these. Been looking for some higher capacity drives for my NAS.

Video about what makes these Red drives different here: