dealstomb raider 15th anniversary steam weekend saleā€¦


Looks like the deals.woot community is falling apart. 28 upvotes and no comments?


Errr... first-ish? Is that better?


Steam is a great service to buy games from. Totally safe. You aren't buying the physical disk though. You own the right to play the game through the Steam service. I have around 28 Steam games and I mainly use their system for gaming. It's superior to other services of its kind.


One of the great things about having games on Steam, is you don't have to keep track of the box, or the game itself. I just enter my name and password and I have all my games back.


Steam is pretty great service for digital distribution of games. Just make sure you can control your wallet before you sign up. I originally made my account in part to snag a free copy of Portal, but my own impulsiveness combined with Steam sales has since swelled my library to something like 200 titles. Nevermind the money I spent to build a computer that could play all those games...


@beangonz: Same Here! I originally heard of Steam and signed up over 2 years ago for a free copy of Portal. It was a promotional push to get people to try their games, but it sure worked!
I now have 20 titles (Many free), and probably spent ~$100, half of that on Portal 2.

Great service, no regrets, 100% Recommended!


Steam is awesome! I originally had bought Counter Strike some where around 10 years ago and was migrated to Steam. All my games were made available and no longer needed the disks. Even after having 2 PC hard drives crash, I can always count on Steam having my games backed up. I even went 3-4 years without logging in and my account was still there.


The first game being 1996, this is more like the first anniversary of the 15th anniversary.