dealsdell latitude d420 laptop - $179.99


This laptop was introduced in 2006 -- almost 6 years old. I'd be worried that the video card wouldnt support flash or movies.


@hiesenberg1007 - I assume by six years ago - you mean three years ago (since the D420 was introduced in 2008 and it is currently 2011). Six years ago, the Core xxx CPUs didn't exists and Pentium M was starting to emerge.

And, did you really make the comment that it can't handle flash? Wow! Really? Considering that an uber-weak Atom can handle flash (and an Atom runs at HALF the strength of a Celeron) I think a low power Core Solo can handle flash just fine...


raabscuttle -- you are kidding right -- the laptop was introduced on late 2006.

Is this your company or are you getting commissions?