deals7' x 5' polyester wall banners - oktoberfest or…


Just to clarify, the banner is $0.00 and shipping is $4.49. I'm in for the Irish Drinking Team banner!


@blgauthier: Thanks for clarifying. There was some confusion with the wording when the deal was originally posted on the site and I shot them an email. Glad to see it's straightened out.


Octoberfest banners already sold out. they still have the Irish Drinking Team ones though


When can I get a green peace flag....Or a pita flag to piss off the neighbors.
A united states of Snowden flag would be great.
Or a kitty cat flag if you have cats...
Come on people! Theres more then hanging up an American or Mexican flag!
Hang up what you like. I see sport flags up on poles.
Just an idea, anyhow..