dealsebay daily deal new balance men 'mw978' boot shoe…


I bought this same model off Tanga about a month and a half ago for roughly the same price. Although they aren't my daily shoe, they are comfortable and I'm glad I bought them. I have a different pair of New Balance shoes so I used those as a size reference when ordering. Most reviewers I found suggested buying the shoes a half size larger than your actual size. I can't confirm this 100%, because I bought a half size larger and also the next width size up. The shoes are just slightly larger than I would like, so I would suggest either going a half-size up if your foot more standard width, or going a width wider if you're only really concerned with tightness.

Overall, though, I would tend to agree with the majority of reviewers and say these shoes do run about a quarter size smaller than others of the same brand.


In my day we called these "hiking boots"