dealsdarkspore (pc download) for $11.99


It's... an ok game. Skirmish battles. Lots of drops. A slight tinge of MMO.

Main objection seems to be that its customization is limited to modifying the existing critters - no importing your own fierce warrior.

Which is probably for the best. Nothing says 'The Internet Is Ruined' like realizing you have no choice but to game with three laser-firing wangs... and the peen-monsters they've created.


Wait, it has a steam tag on the page. Does this download to Steam?


Still not worth it in my opinion. It's basically your standard isometric hack and slash RPG akin to Diablo and things of that nature with a half-assed implementation of the Spore creature creator tacked on so you can add your bonus items aesthetically to your little warriors... not that you can ever see those additions while playing. If you're somehow not satisfied with the sea of similar and often much better games of this type, then this is probably your deal. But if you actually enjoy good games then I'd suggest taking that money and investing it pretty much anything else. Hell, I'd recommend and of the Sega Titles sale on Steam right now over this and you can pick up multiple titles for the same money.


@starbob: Dunno which version you're playing, but I'm able to see what I've created just fine. As for the 'isometric', yes, it is, but it's actually a full 3d environment, with a mostly-locked camera. You must not have played far enough to stand on the rotating asteroids. I think you're just mad because you can't have a giant hopping ween that shoots lasers.

Protip - decorative items can be copied, without taking up more slots. Bright magenta tentacles for everyone!


@robinbobcat: It's isometric because that's the view you're locked in to. Whether the environment is 3D or 2D is irrelevant. The items that you add to you creatures are barely visible when you're actually playing the game. The whole system is irrelevant and is a shotty exploitation of the existent Spore creature creator. It's the same basic functionality with none of the freedom that was afforded to the original. It's like the guys over at Maxis said "hey let's try and squeeze some Spore stuff in to a more entertaining game" but then they fell woefully short on all fronts.

Yeah sure I'm obviously mad because I "can't have a giant hopping ween that shoots lasers." Or perhaps more accurately I have standards for the games I play and am reaching out to others that feel that like to spend their money on things that are actually worth it. There's a reason this game has a 65 on the often generous Metacritic. Not just a bunch of people looking for "laser weens."


Starbob is 100% right. Rather than build around the original Spore, they opted for a new 2&1/2D game which easily could've been released 13 years ago. What a joke. You're also right about the Sega titles on sale at Steam right now. Much better deals.


I played this during its beta. I think I played for about half an hour and never picked it up again. If you want just kind of a mindless thing, it might be a fairly good time killer. Just don't look for any depth.

I think Maxis basically decided that they'd spent so much time on the creature engine in Spore that it would be a shame to just scrap it. So, they tacked it onto a kinda half-assed crap game.

It's possible that this is a great deal to someone; I'm not that someone.