dealsgrand theft auto iii - (android and ios) for $0…


This is a pretty steep price reduction, 80% off! Keep in mind your device version. Currently iTouch 4, IPad 1 & 2, iPhone 4 & 4S are supported.


Been playing it on my asus tf2 or a while and it works great, you can use a controller to play this game and i would recommend it because there are quite a few controls to fit onto your touchscreen, although they are customizable in size and location depending on your device.


This works fine on a rooted Nook Tablet (not to be confused with Nook Color)

Graphics are nearly perfect too.


GTA III is easily my favorite one of the series, so I'm jumping on this like a spider monkey.

GTA III for $1 aside, RockStar Games is a fantastic developer that deserves support for their work in the game industry.


Had it for the iPhone, I thought it was too small for me.

Played it when my iPad 3 came, it was great. Only problem with me though was the car chases/races, it was frustratingly difficult to complete.

Still great though, I think this was their first time having GTA in 3D. Can't wait for the other GTAs to be released into the iOS/Android.