dealshose nose gross goo candy for $2.50


Sorry about the tighty-whiteies there, that' snot what it looks like - I didn't have the option to 'pick' an image of the product. I've tattled asking a staff member to 'blow' this away, just 'wipe' it off and replace it with an accurate image.


Sue sews rose on Slow Joe Crow's clothes. Fox sews hose on Slow Joe Crow's nose. Hose goes. Rose grows. Nose hose goes some.

Now, can anyone find me a deal on new blue goo?


No Deal at all

UPS Gnd Residential [17013] Shipping: $8.46
Current Total: $10.96


@heymo: nice :-)

@dlight49: Feel free to find it in stock and cheaper somewhere else instead of just complaining

@theoneill555: I think you can get this thing free as well depending on the order :-)


I'm wooting this up just because it should be with the other stupid items they highlight all the a flipflop pendant or something.