dealstablet stylus with pen for $0.00


(might be an idiot, but) I don't see the LIKE button...


"FreeZooGueAccessory" coupon code


Click on the described item above.

When on that page you'll see a twitter logo a small one to the right of it will be a thumbs up from Facebook with the Like button right next to it. I believe under the picture of the item.

3.99 Shipping for one 4-7 days.


And just recap...I was given a ship date on this product for 2/14/2012.
But to save 14.95 on each one, I can wait a few weeks.


for $3.99 shipping? I don't know if these are amazing quality or something but pen on 1 end stylus on the other go on sale on Meritline for 1.99-2.99 with free shipping on a very regular basis...


Zoogue also makes really great ipad cases--worth checking out.