dealsharry potter: the complete 8 film collection-dvd…


This is a decent price in my book, but I've seen cheaper. I got a set for $20 months ago. I see at least one guy on eBay selling for $18.65.


There are a bunch selling on eBay for under $20. Are they counterfeit? Stolen? Legit?


@rickbaron: If they're used I definitely wouldn't pay more than $15 for them. The DVD holders in this set are terribly flimsy.

I also got mine for $20 earlier this year. I wouldn't recommend paying more than that because of the poor packaging and the lack of special features.


@rickbaron: might be the used dvd and they just bought the bluray. annoying how studios try (and frequently succeed) at selling you the same thing two or three times. "now on dvd!" "extended release!" "director's cut!" "Now on blu-ray!" "now with 2 hrs of bonus content!" "collector's edition!" "Box set!" Several times I've gotten earlier releases dirt cheap (or free) because a better release came out a friend couldn't live without.


@danman1202: Yup. I picked up 6 of them when Target had them for $9.99. They have made great gifts. The crazy part was that some of the single movies were selling for more than the cost of the bundle.


Wow the price has decreased a few cents to $38.46 ! I never cease to be amazed by the mothership pricing method.