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This is price is worth it for Planescape: Torment alone. If you haven't played it, its one of the best RPGs out there.


Gonna hold out until the new enhanced editions of the BG games are on sale, but this is a great price for some seriously good games. BG2 is still the best traditional RPG I have ever played.


@rrussell: GOG is charging $9.99 for each of these games except for Temple of Elemental Evil, which is $5.99. That means that the equivalent is $55.94 there. That's a $49.16 discount to buy the games with this deal.


@taryble: No, I realize that - my point was more that they are available on a regular basis.

No argument that this is a great deal for some great games!

vote-for0vote-against does charge more, but they're also compatible with your current gen systems. Also, GOG recently had a better DND sale that covered Neverwinter nights 1 & 2 and others.
@apocell42, I haven't read anything good about the enhanced version of BG1. It's $20 for a game which a mod will almost do to the same.


@davidbertram: The main good thing about (at least for me, whenever it's released) is that I'll be able to play it on my Android tablet. And hopefully the controls won't be crap...


I'm waiting for Pool of Radiance.


@sfreemanoh: I forgot about that port. I want to try that one too. Hopefully for only $10 or so.


I also just bought these via - they recently had a sale on them where it amounted to $19 or so for all of these games plus NWN 1/2. If you try ToEE, make sure you get the Circle of Eight modpack.


10GB file to download. 15:27:45 remaining. So much for my high speed internet connection!!!


@elindrud: Agreed! I kicked off an at-home download this morning, hoping to be able to install at least ONE of them tonight when I got home.

But it's apparently an all-or-nothing deal. Some gigantic multi-part RAR file.

God help me if one of them has an error in it...


@elindrud: OH also!

Don't plop the installer in your Dropbox folder and then remote into another PC and invoke it from there.

It downloads everything into a temp folder underneath wherever the installation EXE is sitting. I imagine my system was bandwidth-thrashing trying to upload the RAR parts just as soon as it downloaded them...


@sfreemanoh: It says that they are PC-based. How are you getting it on your Android device?


Anyone else wanna play some D&D on a RL tabletop? I know I do.


odd checkout process. slowly trying to complete my order


You can play these with Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj.

I'm going to go across the hall and see what Penny is doing.