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The number of languages seems pretty limited?


Has anyone used the Pimsler method that can comment? I'm curious if it's a well organized system or not.


@doomtothee: I've used Rosetta Stone which is pretty good and I found it cheaper than this.


I'm currently using German Level 1 with Pimsleur. It's not this Unlimited edition though. I can say Pimsleur works really well! Easy to learn while driving (I have a 40-60 min drive commute to and from work). The first half basically takes reading out of the equation so a lot of that stress is taken out!

I tried Rosetta Stone but it gets pretty boring because their pronounciations are hard to hear and you learn things that are really irrelevant (a boy under a table, really?) to everyday life.

I actually got introduced to it by trying to learn Mandarin and I liked their system so much I got German too. I've been learning both back and forth but I'm learning more towards German at the moment (pronounciations are harder than Mandarin so its more fun)


Btw, you can listen to the first demo per language on their website.

If you do buy these, I'd recommend getting them on Amazon, they are cheaper.

-Each lesson is 30 minutes long, so if there is an area you're having a hard time learning (and if you're listening to these in your car) its annoying having to wait through the material before the time mark of that difficult part. BUT it is a good review or if you use an MP3 player via AUX in your car, you can easily just skip to the part with a touch of course

I recommend not getting the Korean language for Pimsleur. I listened to the first lesson and the guy says things way to fast for anyone to really even have time to repeat or learn.


I have no opinion of Pimsleur. I have never signed up for their service, yet I get constantly spammed by them. Does anyone else? I would never do business with a complany that sends out random spam as a marketing tool.



The new Unlimited software (which contains our proven audio-only course along with many interactive tools) is available in our four top languages: Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Our standard audio courses are available in 50 languages (more than any other competitor). All standard audio courses are currently on sale on the site with code HOLIDAY12. But the 20% off Woot deal is more advantageous for the new Unlimited format and is the biggest discount we've ever offered on this product!

We offer our standard audio courses in two formats: CD or digital download (MP3). The CD format is on sale for 30% (including already discounted multi-level courses) and the MP3 format is on sale for 10% (including already discounted multi-level courses). Use code HOLIDAY12 for those formats.



My advice is to try a free audio lesson at (you can also see all available prodicts by clicking on the name of the language on that same page). I think you'll be surprise at what 30-minutes with Pimsleur can do! As we say “30-minute a Day is all it Takes!”

There's a reason we'll be celebrating our 50th anniversary next year!

Also, this article by Ellen Jovin, a hardcore language learner, is a great read:



Your comments are concerning. We usually send one monthly email (during the holidays or Black Friday you might get one or two more). It sounds like you might be receiving emails from an independent retailer that carries Pimsleur products. If you would, please contact so we can investigate this issue.

You can also check to see if your email is on our mailing list at


@pimsleur: I checked, and I am not on your mailing list. You may be correct about the notion that I am being spammed by a retailer of your product. I've been deleting them, but if I still have one somewhere in my inbox, I will forward it to your contact address. thanks


So what is the price tag for this? I see 20% off of some items, 10% off others. What is the total price for "Unlimited"? Also, does unlimited mean you have unlimited access to the four main languages or just one?


@pimsleur: I have discovered and forwarded one of the soam messages to you at the contact address you provided. Hope this helps. And I hope you can take them down, since that would benefit your firm and spam victims like myself. Good luck!


That picture of the computer running the software is a Photoshop Disaster. The computer has been flipped horizontally, the optical drive on that macbook pro should be on the right not the left, and the T arrow keys are easily seen on the LEFT side of the keyboard. Meaning the software shot was planted on the screen during post. Maybe not too important, but cooked ads always raise my suspicion level.



Pimsleur Unlimited comes as a complete series or you can purchase Level 1 as an introductory course.

Unlimited Level 1: $150 on sale (today only!) for $120 with free shipping. That is 30-lessons in whichever language you choose. You can then upgrade and buy subsequent levels directly within the app.

Complete Unlimited Series: Spanish contains 4 levels for $450, on sale for $360 (so essentially $90 per level). French, German, and Italian contain 3 levels for $350 and are on sale today only for $280 with free shipping! That’s basically $93 for each level. Cheaper than Rosetta.

Please note that with this software version, you can easily export the core 30-minute lessons to you smartphone, MP3 player, or even burn them to CD. Pimsleur remains as portable as ever.

And, best of all, after 3 levels with Pimsleur (45 hours of learning), you'll be at an ACTFL Intermediate High level. No other competitor will get you to that level in such a small amount of time.



As to your second question, all CD format courses are on sale for 30% off and all digital download (MP3) format courses are on sale for 10% as part of our Holiday sale (the Unlimited format is on sale for 10% as part of that sale - Woot 20% obviously more interesting!).

Keep in mind that if you are interested in Spanish, French, German, or Italian, the Woot deal is by far the most interesting and valuable proposition! You are getting the same lessons, for a MUCH cheaper price and you get additional interactive tools (not found in the standard CD or MP3 formats) to further enhance your learning.



You are very observant! I’ll certainly pass this on to our designer. I’m not sure if this is a problem with the laptop image we purchased to create this ad or if it was introduced during the creative process by accident. Either way, I can assure you that what you see on the screen is what you’ll get in the box. If interested, you can see a video of the app and its various screens at:



Pimsleur is a conversational method. You will learn to manipulate the language so that you can quickly put sentences together naturally. And we'll train your ears to understand native speakers at normal conversational speeds. This is something that few methods even attempt. As a result, you land in a foreign country and your brain is unable to understand the rhythm and nuances of the language. It sounds like everyone is speaking a mile a minute. Pimsleur is not about matching words with images on a screen. It’s about giving you the foundation of the language. It's about conversing, which you will start doing in your very first lesson. You can try a free 30-minute lesson at It’s worked for millions for 50 years! It can work for you too.

And, with the 20% discount offered today on all Unlimited courses, it's also cheaper than Rosetta Stone.


I've taught private language lessons & learned on my own,as well.Aside from watching Internet teaching videos,I've used Rosetta Stone software and Pimsleur CD courses--but not the Pimsleur software(yet).They were all useful,but different.

My personal favorite(other than going to live in the target country) is the Michel Thomas Method on CD to pick up basic language structure & usage.(However, only a few languages are available.) No, I'm not affiliated w/them.

I then use any & all other methods to expand vocabulary & pick up other language structures. I don't believe any 1 method will be the "right" one for everybody: people have different learning styles & preferences.Sorry that it costs $,but if you can try out different methods, you'll see what I mean. Enrolling in a language course (you could audit one) taught by real person has good points,too, not the least of which is that the school language lab may have already bought software you can then try out as a student. Just IMO.


I've used Pimsleur Italian CD course, level 1 and level 2. I'm not a very disciplined person when it comes to learning something that has no consequence if I fail. This is true of learning a language. I have no real motivation other than I thought it would be cool to learn. That being said, in my lazy approach to learning, I did pick up enough to make small talk with my girlfriend's mom who is Italian. I don't know if Pimsleur is the best way to learn, but I can say their approach is effective if you have the desire.



It's true that motivation is often key to one's success. While we can't help you directly on that end, we can make it more convenient for you to learn, which often helps people not fall off the wagon. We hear over and over again from prospective learners: “I don’t have the time to study a new language. My schedule is too hectic. I’ll never manage to find the time.”

Pimsleur comes in easily digestible 30-minute daily lessons (the length recommended by teaching specialists for a concentrated learning tasks) and they are portable! They fit into your schedule, not the other way around! You can study while commuting, while jogging, or doing household chores. Turn downtime into learning time.

30-minutes a Day is all it Takes!


I have used Pimsleur in both Russian and Spanish, and I am absolutely enamored. Rosetta Stone just didn't swing it for me... Seriously, like was previously said... A boy under a table? I have probably never said that phrase in English...

The audio works better for me though, as yet another commuter. I'd recommend Pimsleur's audio to anyone. My next language will be Arabic, and I'll get it for that as well.


@pimsleur: I am going to keep complaining about Plimsleur spam. I did go through the trouble of forwarding a spam message to you at the email adresses you provided - and go no reply at all, which disappoints me. And just now, I see yet another spam in another one of my email adresses! Simon and Schuster, your brand is being hurt by these spammers!! You need to figure out WHO is doing this, and stop them! Is there some other place I should send these spam messages to?


@fearlessraccoon:'s only been one day since you complained...



I've checked with our customer service group and they indicated that somehow the message you sent yesterday never reached us. However, they received a message from you at 6:07PM today and responded at 6:11PM. Did you receive their reply?

If there's anything I can do to help on my end, please let me know.


@pimsleur: I can confirm that I did get a reply right away after I sent my 2nd email (with spam sent to a 2nd edress of mine). The spam sent to this edress was from yet another spammer. I don't know how Simon and Schuster would know they have some retailers who are spamming, unless the victims tell them. So I'm glad I was being a squeaky wheel here. But now that S&S says "they're on it," I don't feel the need to take this thread OT any longer.