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This is what happens when liberals lose the white house. The cant have the real one so they make a series about what it would be like if they had control. Of course everything this president does is perfect and the country enjoys prosperity unequaled in the history of the United States. All thanks to the take no prisoners attitude of Martin Sheen and his loyal band merry men/women.


@rcburson: While it's true that the bulk of the series occurred while G. W. Bush was president, the series started during the final year of the Clinton administration and was before the election.


I love this series. I wish Netflix or Hulu would stream it.


@rcburson: I hear ya. I don't agree that the show was a reaction to a gop president though. hollywood is so tilted left, the view something like west wing as being main stream. i watched this show a few times, but it was so laced with obvious political messaging (libs = good, conservatives = bad) that I just couldn't take it any more.


@rcburson: As a conservative, I have to disagree. The men and women of The West Wing are far from perfect, and their policies are certainly not always right. The show reminds me of Star Trek: DS9; mistakes are made, moral compromises are reached. The thing I most love about this show, though, is its idealism: the show is about a group of dedicated men and women who are doing the very best they can to serve their country. The show goes to great lengths to proclaim that, although it's about a Democratic President, liberals don't have a monopoly on goodness.

I love this show, and I think that anyone who wants to criticise it should try actually watching it. Aaron Sorkin is a genius of a writer, and he truly brings The West Wing to life.


While I agree the series is tilted left, I feel it was more of a narrative choice than a political one. The show would not have been as interesting if it tried to show the workings of the White House through a neutral point of view. True it would have been harder to watch for me if it had leaned right, but at least it would have still been real and more importantly impassioned. I think that's also the reason the show was popular among ppl from both sides of the aisle.


@ndnliberal: Exactly. A dispassionate view would not have created such a memorable show. No one wants to watch a documentary ("K Street" proved that), but they WILL watch a drama- and a drama requires conflict.