deals20% off the entire site + free shipping with $25+


This makes for a great deal for these Portal 2 figures:
Comes out to ~$150 per figure. They are sold out most places and were originally close to $200 when they first came out.


Update: Even better, apply coupon code "LABSHOTS" to receive a set of Laboratory Shot Glasses for free. (Apply the coupon code and the shot glasses will automatically be added to your cart.)
Includes four shot glasses:
2 beakers, 1 Erlenmeyer flask, 1 Florence flask


Awesome deal, thanks so much!


1/3rd of their products appear to out of stock. It would be nice if they allowed you to filter results. I don't want fanboy stuff, so seeing a million Star Trek, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, etc listings makes it tedious to sift through to find things I would actually buy.


Saw promo listed on Fathers Day tab (before seeing it here) with no mention of an expiration date. They wouldn't honor it via chat. It's not even Father's Day yet and it's already expired? BAIT & SWITCH! Haven't ordered from them before and NEVER WILL. Customer service SUCKS before ordering...I can't imagine the horror if I had a problem with something I did buy. The site is pretty poor too. Buyer beware with this joint.