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it is that time again dear wooters....

what time is it?? time to play "What Wootie Woots!"

please be nice and no 'sneaky-cheaty pants' and try to use the coupon on other items, they will only honor the "wootielovesmpgear" coupon on only wootie approved items. :)

also, you can get free shipping if your order is $45.00 or more.


why does wootie love this item? good question... let's find out shall we...

wootie likes the idea of recycling things to become even better things, more useful things, and she is a bag junkie... :)

There's the easy way and the better way. For us, the easy way is to take all of our old manufacturing rejects and outdated samples and send them to the landfill. A better way is to make you a handsome tote bag. This bag is made almost entirely from repurposed NEMO tent samples and manufacturing seconds. The only virgin materials are the thread and edge binding. With the help of our local Easter Seals chapter, the tents were disassembled in our studio, then cut and sewn in New Hampshire. No two bags are alike. Some bags have details preserved from the original tent (zippers, webbing, guyout loops, velcro, screened logos, mesh, etc.) that may be useful or just decorative.

hmmm.... interesting... do go on. :)

3.2 oz (0.20 kg)
12"x6"x12" (LxWxH)
Made from recycled tents
Each bag is unique


I like how each one is different and may have tent names/features preserved. Makes it a little more enticing since you don't know exactly what you're going to get. :)


@reemus: i agree.

also, i just scored myself a bag so i can feed my addiction a little more...

like @prettywootprincess, i sometimes shop just to get things in the mail.


@wootiewooterson: Getting stuff in the mail is great! I do the same thing. Although I think I have about 5 things on the way right now through deals and woot proper...


Looks like a cool bag, if small (12" x 12", good for a purse, not a shopping bag)... but $7.50 shipping kills it for me. :(


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