dealspromax bars (12 ct boxes) - 3 boxes (for the…


i can attest to the goodness of the nutty butter crisp, chocolate mint, lemon bar, and double fudge brownie. cookies and cream is meh, and rocky road is alright (has nuts and is really chewy, which isn't a bad thing). great to have on hand for a filling snack. even better with a large glass of milk cuz they are pretty strong in flavor and/or require a bit of chewing.


Eh, $35 for 36 bars doesn't seem like an awesome deal. My local Krogers has just about their whole protien/energy bar section at $1 per, so you can mix and match brands and flavors.

But, just under a dollar a piece to your door isn't bad and the 20g is on the high side in this price range.


Promax bars are quite excellent and some of my favorite. I pay around $1.50+ for these bars at my local Walmart. Good find!