dealsapple iphone 4s or 4 extended charging case with…


I bought this two weeks ago and hate it. It requires a mini usb to charge. The charge on the case is minimal at best and it is VERY flukey. I would NOT recommend this and regret buying it.


bought this from another vendor (via this site) a week ago. it charged one time and hasn't taken a charge since. complete and utter crap. mine shipped from China so a return is pointless. don't waste your time, spend another $10 and get the real deal


I purchased two of them a few weeks ago when they were listed here. Both are faulty and they are sending replacements, which will likely also be faulty. One of the cases didn't let the phone make or receive calls when the battery pack was turned on, and the other will charge the phone for a few minutes and then shut off, no matter how long you charge it. Both cases like to randomly drain the iPhone battery. I plugged in my phone to charge at 2pm, and it was around 60%. Woke up around 8:45pm and it was at 27%. These are crap; don't waste your money!