dealslong john silvers bogo fish & onion rings basket


Two servings of triangle trout is always better than one!


Tried the onion rings last week. They taste just like the crunchy batter in the bottom of the basket.


@mcullers: And that's why they are delicious! :-)


When did LJS start having onion rings? Their fries have always been terrible.


Does it matter at all what you get here? If someone pooped in the fryer, no one would probably notice.


The fries are indeed horrible. These onion rings, however, are not! If you like the batter they use, you'll love these things.


I thought they went out of business years ago. It must be just my area.


@thelocker: They should,has to be the nastiest fast "food" I have ever tried.


@mrsmoofy: Onion rings are pretty new there, maybe 2 months or so.

I always liked the old fries, the thin, crispy ones that went so well with the vinegar there. But about a year ago, they switched to a new, thicker fry, which tastes terrible in my opinion. But that has prompted me to make a slightly healthier choice, and get green beans instead. Because, you know, a side of veggies really offsets those pieces of deep fried, battered, fish or chicken that are dripping wet with oil... right??


@djp519: As long as I can still eat veggies covered in butter, or cheese. I shall not judge you.


I just went and got a couple with the coupon. The onion rings are yummy and the fish is like I remember. 2 for $5 = good deal, 1 for $5 = I think not.


@djp519: , yup, your right! That's exactly how it works. That's why you can get a large hot fudge sundae with extra nuts, real whipped cream and a cherry (that's your healthy serving of fruit) and as long as you get a diet Coke, you're fine.