dealsthe last tragedy - series book 1: herb malletteā€¦


Always willing to try a new fantasy author. Thanks for the post.


@snapster: If you can find out how many books sold today it would be excellent to post that.


@snapster: In for 1 and will submit a review asap. Thanks for the freebie and congrats to your friend for getting published!


In for one...
Now to find the time to read it...


Supported and heading to my Kindle now. Good luck to him!


Just sent this to my Kindle. Love free books so thank you!


Well, my Nook Color (running CM7) seems to run the Kindle app without requiring any anti-psychotic meds.

As for the book, so far I like it, though I've only read up to the part where the reading of the will is opposed. I believe I will enjoy it.

However, I should state that, to me, a good book is much like a woot-off. Now, thanks to @snapster, it is unlikely that I will get my place cleaned up for the Christmas tree and other decorations before Wednesday (when my daughter next comes over) and I may have difficulty writing the project plan that is due tomorrow at 9AM.

Regardless, it is clear that I won't be sleeping much for the next few days.


I like the part where everyone dies and the penguins start dancing to Lady Gaga.


Awesome showing everyone - you've helped Herb rocket up the ranks:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #541 Free in Kindle Store
#7 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Fantasy > Epic

(from #2673 rank and #57 in those respective categories this morning!)

thanks so much - what a joy to have helped.


Just an FYI in case you didn't know -

You do not need a Kindle to read this. Amazon offers a Kindle for PC option that allows you to use your PC.


@theoneill555: ya that is how I got 2. I used my kindle app on the touch pad and cloud kindle on my pc.

It is now #4 on the free side.

Get your cloud reader here. Books is still free, but hurry last day.


Many thanks to everyone for helping out on this! By the end of the first free day, I had sold over 700 copies and moved to #263 in the Free in Kindle Store. In comparison, another author noted on an Amazon thread that his first free day took him to about #1600. I don't know of anything else to explain that huge difference except the power of the woot community! I am eternally grateful to you all!



@fantauth: I just finished the book. Good work I enjoyed it quite a bit. I look forward to any further books you publish.


@kingofvalhalla: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I'm working on an additional map for the next book, and on formatting the interior to e-publish. With any luck, it will be available before the end of the year.



@fantauth: Herb, I'm only part way into the book, but have to say that I'm quite enjoying it! It is well written, energetic, and creative. With its cast of characters, I'd most liken it to the Circle of Light series, but it is much more grown-up (though it's been almost 30 years since I read that series). Thank you for making this fun fantasy available, and I look forward to continuing the adventure!

Also, compliments to your editor(s). The proof-reading was above par!


@drjing: Many thanks! golf, don't you want to come in under par? Now I don't know whether I've been given high praise by a kindly non-golfer, or a dealt a subtle poke by a master of understated sarcasm.

I guess either way, I feel privileged!

Very glad you're enjoying it so far, and Happy Holidays to you!