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These things must have bombed monstrously. I see them all over the place for ever-lessening prices...


True, i saw the Link $50 on clearance in BestBuy and Amazon reviews are 3/5, that's not very encouraging


Not a big-time poster, but have to post on this one. I consider myself above average tech-savvyness.

I've owned the link for well over a year and it usually works fine for a while, but does NOT support WPA2. It will connect to a WPA2 network after a few tries, but eventually will drop it after the router refreshes keys. You basically have to make your network less secure to use this. The app for the iphone is so-so, and the app for the ipad is awful. Setup is done through logitech's website which is slow and gives limited options.

Logitech dropped the ball on this... it had a lot of potential. There are other better options out there.


@epj3: After reading many mixed reviews about the functionality of the Link, I almost jumped at $60 figuring it might be worth a try. Guess not!

Have you come across any better solutions that you'd recommend?


The link (ha!) doesn't work for me, it just takes me to Logitech accessories for tablets page.
eta: Oh, it's Logitech doing the redirect....odd
eta2: I guess this is a RIP deal as the device can't be found.

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I have requested an update from logitech in the meantime they have two other live offers.

Save 57% on Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360 (Victorian Wallpaper) - Dented Box

Save 50% on Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 - Dented box


They did sell out please check out the other offers.