deals1600 xbox points if you pre-order now for $59.99


Important caveat: You don't get the redemption code for the free points until the game has shipped and your credit card has been charged. So if you're pre-ordering a game like GTA V that doesn't come out for a couple months, you have to wait that long for your points.


If you're a gamer this is as good as $20 off. I know Amazon sometimes has some good pre-order deals but something like this seems pretty competitive


what are the points good for?


@nycynik: DLC or, if you want, another game.

This is a good deal but we still don't know when GTA is coming out...


Hooray, for 60 dollars you get the GTAV game and 1600 point needed for additional DLC they left off the disc! So it gives you to FULL game!


@ctburgh: wrong, the DLC is on the disc already, the 1600 points just gives you the 20kb file that unlocks it all.