dealsstarbucks: 50% off any handcrafted espresso drink


I love that word 'handcrafted'. Throw that in front of anything, add $2. Same with 'luxury'.


Just FYI - when you show this coupon to them they ask to swipe your registered Rewards Card. No Card, No 50% off ...I learned the hard way. D'oh!


@pleepleus: The new fancy word seems to be Artisan. Put Artisan in front of a loaf of bread or a beer on tap and people will flock.

@dareisaybeans: Good to know,. Thanks!

EDIT: flipped


Has anyone who DIDN'T receive this email promotion redeemed it? I'd like to forward to a few friends, but I wouldn't want a repeat of the last Starbucks promotion which turned out to only be valid for those who received the direct email (even though it doesn't say so in the terms).


Just printed two. Starbucks are everywhere :)


Just stopped in for the "handcrafted" lulz. Starbucks coffee is about as handcrafted as a Big Mac.


LOL artisan. I love it even more when they adjective-ize it as "artisanal."

Do like my Starbucks, however...


@dareisaybeans: That explains why it says one-time use only. They register that your card activated that discount.


@bigb0yo6: It's one-time use, but that may be per-card. If it's per-card then you can use the two, but if both cards are on the same account, you may be stuck with only one to use. I guess post what your results are, good luck.


I just tried it - didn't work. I had them scan my rewards card and it still didn't work.


I confirmed last night that this will not work unless you received the offer directly from Starbucks. I forwarded my email to three of my friends, who all have SBux Rewards cards. We all went at the same time, but I was last in line. One by one, my friends each tried to use the discount, but no-go. I stepped up, and the barista didn't expect the discount to work for me, either. Mine went through with no problem.

Bottom line: if Starbucks didn't send this email to you, it won't work.