dealsharry potter and the deathly hallows - part 2…


If you look around the site, most of the HP blu-ray is about $8 right now. Or the years 1-7 set is $57


This is a great deal. When I added the movie to my cart, for some reason free shipping would NOT apply. It was $5 on top of the movie cost. I tried closing the browser and starting again, but it was still there. I called up WB directly and they agreed the shipping should be free. The agent said sometimes the website is in error during specials, and that she would be happy to place the order over the phone. Although I had to call, the process went quickly and smoothly.


Interesting. I haven't had that issue and I have made about 5 orders form the site. When I checked out recently it simply showed $5 shipping and then applied a -$5 shipping reduction charge to the shopping cart. End result being free shipping.

WB has a page with details, but basically they are saying all DVD and Bluray ships free.


That is exactly what I was expecting. I went through to the last page even putting in my credit card information as sometimes the discount doesn't show up to the last page, but no luck. Worked it out over the phone and the WB agent was extremely friendly. All's well that ends well!