dealsn10 10.1" android 4.0.4 tablet pc for $167.90…


has anyone bought this? How is it? The specs look pretty good.


IDK about this tablet, but I bought a similar tablet from this company, and it came in a non- padded vanilla envelope. The box inside was flattened, and wasn't even
corregated cardboard. And it took close to 2 months to arrive. By some miracle it did work, but I would never order from them again. YMMV


I ordered a knock-off phone from them a while back. I got it, it worked fine. I tried to buy a tablet (not this one) from them, and when I tried to check out, my credit card was declined, and it said "Reason: High Risk." I don't know if they mean then or me (but it was a debit card, so no problem on MY end. So that's why I'm here on deals.woot looking for tablets...