dealssteven moffat's doctor who 2011: the critical fan…


Free? Why not. Maybe I'll find a kindred spirit on some of the crap that bugged the hell out of me this season. Lotsa lotsa lotsa problems with the seasonal arch that don't get addressed much.


yea, a lot of things just didn't sit right with me this season(still good but liked the others better). besides that, maybe its because i am still upset tennant is gone, and he set the bar way to high for smith. smith has grown on me, but i will never like him more then david.

whens the new season start?


David Tennant was made for the part but, if you want to include the Classic Doctor Who series...the best Time Lord has got to be Tom Baker! Think I really aged myself there.


Okay, I'm going to get heat on this but I did not like David Tennant. His eyes were always bulging out, even when he was happy. He was such a over actor. I think Matt Smith is MUCH better.