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We have a similar model. It's good for a wet bar or some such where you might want ice. It does need to be cleaned regularly to avoid having stagnant water inside, as the ice doesn't stay cold - it will just re-melt and then be re-frozen into new ice, over and over again. This works better than it sounds, although it means that ice that isn't newly made will be somewhat crushed.

Our model can make a batch of ice in about 10 minutes.


tsfisch, do you use the portable part of it? take it picnic? carry it around like your cellphone? LOL

even a cooler, it need to be small to be consider portable.


What's the warranty on this refurb item?!?! Are you sol after 30 days?


@ttm77: "Portable" implies "Moveable". This is indeed moveable, as you can put it on your counter, make some ice, empty the machine, and put it away under the cabinet. Hence the word "Portable" in the title. It is not a misnomer. I have one in my RV, which is also "Portable".


1. able to be carried or moved easily, esp by hand

To me a moving box is called a moving box cause it's not easily to be carry around. Else it would be called a portable box.

To me this is the size of a moving box, and worse this need to be plug in which kinda GROUND it.

anyway, words been thrown around all the time.


Beware of any Haier product. They do NOT warranty any of their products that are refurbished, open box or display. Their products are inferior to begin with.


I may have been interested, but can't find reviews anywhere. I don't even see this model on Amazons site.

@tsfisch: Do you think this would work for a pool bar?



Dear Woot! staff: Why does the description of this item say "Warranty:" with nothing following it? If there's no warranty, you should probably specify that.


I am super interested, but I can't find a single review anywhere. And what is the warranty, without these 2 really important pieces of info, I just can't pull the trigger.


@wicky506: I have 3 tv's made by them and have had no problems with them at all.


@ttm77: When I read the word "portable" in the description I understood that it meant different from a "non-portable" ice maker. A "non-portable" ice maker, in this context, is an ice maker that has a water line directly installed into it (similar to a Fridge/Freezer unit that has a ice maker).

This unit does not have a built in water line and is labeled portable for that reason.

You are absolutely right when you explain that this unit is not 'portable' in the ways that cell phones are portable, but you can't download an app for making ice.


I have one, it is okay at $50...probably not at the $110 I paid for it. As was already stated this is not a "set it and forget it" item. You can ignore it with it on for a good 2 weeks or so, but then the water in the reserve reservoir starts getting slimy and you have to empty out the whole thing and clean it with bleach. It is also insulated extremely poorly, so the ice will not stay ice for more than an hour or so before it starts to melt. This means that it will be re-making the melted ice constantly when it is on, so it can be a little loud. That is pretty annoying.

On the other hand, it is just the right size to fit on a counter top bar and makes ice very quickly for a party. So if you want an ice-maker for occasional use while entertaining and you can remember to fill it and start it up about 4 hours before the party, this thing is great...if you plan on leaving it on and think you will just have ice whenever you want it, not so much.


I was interested until I read about the poor insulation. I'm in an apartment with one of those crappy over-under type refrigerators, it would be nice to have an actual ice machine and icebox. This doesn't sound like a very good fridge replacement though.


primary use for this is parties and such. I wish I had one for our st pats party tomorrow, l'll probably blow $20 on ice for one party....


Bought it, plugged it in, set my counter on fire. Sort of. Lots of popping and smoking.


It is "portable" in that it doesn't hook to any water source (you fill it with water). It is somewhat heavy, but you could easily haul it out for parties, etc then pack it away afterward.

It would work great in a pool bar or any other kind of bar.