dealscoupon for free floss for $0.00


Everyone knows no one ever really flosses. Otherwise what would the dentist yell at me for even though I did it anyway?


There's no such thing as free floss.


@rlp518: It's good for a Reach toothbrush or the floss. You pick.


When my gums bleed at the dentist she always asks me when was the last time I flossed. I look at her puzzled. It was 6 months ago. She was there.


No way I'm installing "Coupon Printing Software" for $1.


My dentist gives me Free dental floss after each 6 month checkup. Don't need to buy extra right now but always good to have a coupon.


I always carry floss when I travel. It makes a nice shoe-string in a pinch, and helps my toiletries smell minty. As for flossing my teeth..that's best left for the professionals at my local dentist's office.


Floss me, baby! Floss me hard! Floss me all night long!


@plr4ever: It's the software. It's kind of garbage, but just about every major company has signed on with them. It prevents people from easily printing multiple copies of a coupon. I've never really had any ill effects from having it installed.


Oh - dental floss is a necessity. How else would we punish our kids?


dental floss is no replacement for piano wire


I buy dental floss but, according to my family dentist, the children aren't actually using it to floss their may as well let them do whatever they do with it for free!


You only have to floss once per day. You should floss before brushing your teeth at bedtime.

Why floss? Think of it this way.

Flossing will remove little pieces of food that will otherwise decay and cause bad breath.


@plr4ever: The software has never worked for me anyway - never prints a coupon. Wish they would fix it.


@omnichad, @plr4ever - I've never had any problems with the software either. You can usually print two copies of each coupon. After the first one prints, go back to the "print your coupon" page and click "Print Coupons" again. It should print a second time. After that you will most likely get a message that says you've printed the coupon the allowed number of times.


You can print 2 copies of it if you hit your back button. If you're really sneaky you can pause your document, release it and when it's almost through printing, restart it. Not like you would need 10 copies of it... just sayin.

vote-for1vote-against i'll have to pass. i can never get it to print, not that it matters since my local stores don't accept self printed coupons due to fraud.


Thanks @mkaprow: For those who don't floss: think about decaying food in your mouth. All the time. If you don't like regular floss, you can use Plackers or a similar brand. It's a little pick with floss. Very easy to use.


@figgers3036: My dentist doesn't yell, she has a fun game where she tells me I've been doing a good job flossing just to guilt me into admitting the truth...


Got mine :-) Happy teeth!!!!


install printing software??!!!! - this is a blatant rip off - title of offer needs to be addressed and accurately advertised...BOO!