dealsvera wang breast cancer awareness tee & boyshorts…


Is this another one where you have to have a Kohl's Charge Card?


To maximize awareness: walk around downtown wearing only these pajamas.

Actually... not sure how else you're supposed to spread awareness whilst wearing pajamas (maybe slumber parties?).

And just to complete my little spasm of cynicism... I wonder what the 'net profit' on this set will be now that its marked down from $10 to $4...

Now let me go huddle in a corner and await the backfire for posting something negative in a breast cancer awareness deal.


Thanks just bought them for my wife. No small left hope the med is not to big

Sorry a goofball made a neg comment


Cancer is big business in this country.

If it were to be cured tomorrow, billions of dollars would disappear from the economy, along with at least a couple of hundred thousand jobs.

The directors of the 'charity' non-profits, like the pink ribbon people, are paid many hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. For what?

This may be one reason why, many decades in, we've only gotten as far as being able to "manage" cancer: there's lots of money in "manage", not so much in "cure".

My mother is 80 years old, a 23 year breast cancer survivor. They found a small lump in her breast last week, which they are going to remove shortly. 23 years and BILLIONS of dollars later, and the procedure hasn't changed one iota. The only constant is people making hundreds of thousands a year appearing on newsmagazine shows asking for more and more money while they do NOTHING.

What a bunch of crap.