dealsgod of war saga for playstation 3 (powerup pro…


I've never played any of these games, but I dig 3rd person fighting games (e.g. Arkham Asylum/City, Brutal Legend). I'm also a moderate Greek mythology need. Any reason not to get this?


Review on gamestop:

"Only downsides is that the add ons for god of war 3 are not included, the origins collection are digital and they expire on 3/31/13."

What add-ons? Is this a big deal?


@rayray8822: Not one I can think of - they were all great games. I played them on PS2, picking this up for the free month of PS+ and the HD remakes with trophy support, seems totally worth every red cent.


@benjitk: Looks like it costs $15 to join Power Up Pro to score this deal. Never mind.


Thanks, just bought it, never played any of the GoW games. :)


@rayray8822: You get a year of GameInformer with it - if that's any kinda extra selling point. I just used my brother-in-law's Reward Pro acct, tbh.


Great deal! Just placed my order. I have wanted to play the series and this is the perfect time to start. I wasn't sure that the free shipping was going to work because it was for order $25 or more, but it did!


@rayray8822: The Origins expire on the 31st? So 2 out of the 5 games on here are unplayable in 3 weeks time? Am I misunderstanding this?


@groundz: Fairly certain you just activate the download prior to the 31st, and you've got Origins unlocked forever.